By reading this novel I have learned so many new facts about Greek mythology.  It did take several times of reading certain parts for me to grasp who the gods were and how they were related to each other.

From this novel I have developed a new interest in Greek mythology.  I will be excited to learn more through further reading of the next book in the series.  This book kept my interest throughout the entire process of reading and working through it.  I will take away the knowledge that trying new things can pay off.


Suzanne’s Bio Poem

Happy, Silly, Caring and Excited
Daughter of Steve and Pat
Lover of family, friends and life
Who feels happy with friends, blessed with my family and excited to graduate
Who gives love, honesty and praise
Who fears fire, enclosed spaces and heights
Who would love to see New York City, California and Montana
Who lives in Lenoir

The most important thing about teaching is helping kids.
It’s a lot of planning and preparing.
It’s long hours for less than ideal pay.
It’s EOG testing and assessments.
But the most important thing about teaching is helping kids.

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog for Reading / Fall 2010!